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What We Believe

You are meant for greatness, let's explore this journey together. We are all meant for greatness! Some may have visions on how to change the world now and the only thing lacking is the guidance. Together, we can make that happen.

What We Do

As an entrepreneur, you have to be “resourceful”. This counts for the ones that are starting their entrepreneurial journey and the veterans who have been in businesses for years. We are looking to help innovative entrepreneurs in the web and mobile industry, to bring their business to life as efficiently as possible. Now tell me, what was that great idea you had? Let's see if you were really serious about it.


What is the use of jumping into the deep end, if you can't swim? This same logic applies to entrepreneurship. Did you know that 42% of startups fail, due to the lack of a true need for their product? Let's not make you a statistic, so let's start validating your business idea.

Adoption & Growth

This is what truly sets us apart from the rest. We don't simply develop your app but we make sure that your potential users and clients gravitate towards your website or app. Other than that, we try to help you setup your internal processes to get the most out of your tech infrastructure, to best reach your business objectives.

Design & Tech Development

After we've figured out just how much potential your idea has, we can now start executing on making your idea a reality. This is where we start development upon which our design and tech team will start developing a prototype for you.

Would you like to get to work on your own with some of our tools?

Our Work

Here is a glimpse of what we've done so far and what is being said about us.


Planet911 was called into existence by an entrepreneur that wanted to help save lives, so of course we felt the need to help. We did so through the following:

  • market research validating the idea
  • business modeling to offer potential revenue streams to the client
  • MVP validation
Farmed Today

Farmed Today is a platform for sustainable healthy food. When we got involved, we helped to fine tune the concept of Farmed Today and helped open various doors to enable growth. Ranging from growth through business development to helping with marketing of the platform.


I can't speak highly enough of the job CreateStartupsHere does! They helped me modify the idea I once had for my business into a clear & concise plan. Their team worked together to add ideas to what I had already brought to the table. Their willingness to consult with me multiple times until we got the entire plan together was what ultimately led me to trusting them. They have tons of knowledge and connect with you by genuinely caring for the growth of your project. I'd recommend CreateStartupsHere to anyone!


"The team at Growth Hackers has been instrumental in showing me how to grow my business and achieve maximum results with minimal resources. Their team is highly knowledgeable in all digital marketing strategies, they have unique tactics they implemented and we started to see instant growth. They always stay up-to-date with trends and new tools. I highly recommend Growth Hackers for all your growth hacking needs!" - Kevin Lim: CEO of LionHeart


We helped them with the
● More sales
● More conversion
● More traffic through search
marketing and social media

EMRE Publishing

We helped this startup with the following:

  • Idea validation
  • Market research
  • Development of their mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Development of their Google Chrome extension.