Have you thought your app through (for the sake of your business)?

You want to develop an app for your business? That sounds great but have you figured out how it can actually add to your business for the short and long term? Have you figured out how it will affect your business internally and externally? Let’s dig into this topic some more.

Market need

Did you know that 42% of startups fail due to the fact that there isn’t a real market for their product? That is almost half! Pretty alarming, right?
If an app is only going to be a part of what makes your business run, this still requires your attention because just like a product needs a market to be worth anything, just like that, an app also needs a market to be of value. With an app it is even more complicated because the app needs to have a market outside plus needs the people in the business to be all on board.
So how does this help you (if you’re thinking of adding an app to your business)? Here are 3 simple things to think of before getting started:

  • Why do you think that your business needs the app?
  • What are your expectations internally and externally?
  • Do you have the budget for developing an app?

Product, Process, People

Are you familiar with these three? I actually picked it up from an investor who said that these are the three main things that he looks at when deciding to invest in that business.
When it comes to apps, it is usually the process that people tend to forget the most. Why do we say this? Because apps are part of the infrastructure of the business, therefore being part of the process of effectively running that business.
If you’ve already developed an app but aren’t getting the returns that you wanted to get, 30% of the time, your process that needs to be adjusted. Here are a few things to think of that can help you clean up your process and increase your return from your app:

  • What were your expectations? How far off are you from those expectations?
  • Is the problem internally or externally?
  • Are you the only business that is experiencing this problem (highly unlikely)?

And now what?

If you’re at the end of the line and don’t know what else to do, just calm down because there is definitely a way to figure this out. The above mentioned tips can definitely give you insight on how to truly understand that you might have a problem and how big the problem is.
Do you or someone you know need to figure out their app problem, either needing to develop an app or needing to better launch their app, just leave a comment below. We’ll make sure to reach out to you and help figure it out.

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