Lean Startup Pitch Competition

Is your startup ready?

We're offering you the opportunity to grow. It is all up to you.

We are setting up a virtual online pitch competition to offer opportunities to visionary tech entrepreneurs. Our primary objective is to offer tech startups the opportunity to pitch in front of a global audience. This pitch competition will look to add value to you as applicant, whether you make it to become one of the finalist or not. Through our pitch competition, we would like to focus on offering your startup, the following three pillars for your startup:


This is one of the main things that every startup can use. Especially for the early stage or seed stage startups, guidance can help them grow more.


It sometimes helps to have an expert look at your work, for an outside perspective. This can potentially help you improve your marketing, sales strategy, etc, etc.


As a startup, it is very important to be able to validate your business and to get the word out and get significant traction for sales.

How far along are you?

Through this pitch competition we will help you get setup, whether you win or lose.

Here's an overview of what makes this competition so different from what you're used to:

The Audience

Up until July 30th 2019, you and the audience will have the opportunity to vote which team is most deserving to become a finalist. Voting shall happen through the website, on the dedicated applicant page.


Everyone that applies, receives the opportunity and tools to grow their business further, whether they're a finalist or not.

Investment opportunity

All applicants will receive the tools to help them get a investment.


Would you like to grow your amount of users/clients? No worries, we add the opportunity for interested users to sign-up for your service. Through this pitch competition, we'd like to provide as much opportunity as possible to all applicants.

YOU are a STAR!

When it comes to most pitch competitions, you only get anything if you're either a finalist or the actual winner. With us, you receive the tools to grow further, the moment you sign-up. Do you already have the expertise and everything but are missing the funds? Then you'll be happy to know that your startup will be put in front of investors. At this competition, your hard work will be rewarded whether you ultimately win or not.

Here's what you can expect

We'd like to offer something to every applicant to help them with their startup. Here's why we think that we can offer the very best to your startup:

Who is involved?

Here are the organizations involved with this pitch competition.

Next Gen - The number one business hub, community and conference for tomorrow's leaders.

Number of connected Entrepreneurs


Number of startups


Number of newsletter subscribers


Who else?

There's more!

Hello Monday - Supporting future-minded founders and leaders with building thriving and authentic organizations that are ready for the 21st century.

Here's their primary skillset.

Consultancy and strategic advise; on the intersection of People and Culture, and Organizational design and - development100%
Program/project management80%
Team support 80%
Inspiration/motivational powers100%

There's even more!

Just for you, we've gathered some specific resources that might be useful.

LinkedIn lead generation

From our partners at Lead-Bound, we're offering a reduced rate for the first 3 months for their LinkedIn lead generation software services.

More information

Discounted one-on-one planning session

You'll receive discount on the one-on-one sessions that are provided by Hello Monday.

More information

Software development discount

You'll receive up to 20% discount on all web and or mobile development services from us.

More information

Step 1

The first step is to sign up with the application form here and fill it in as accurately as possible.

Step 2

After you've signed up, please proceed with the payment and we shall prepare your sign up package.

Step 3

After the payment has been processed, we shall send you your startup package and schedule a work session with you.

Step 4

After we've uploaded your information, the audience and our team shall vote on your pitch.

Step 5

All participant pitches will get promoted and advertised through our marketing channels. The 15 startups with the most votes and  selected by our team of growth hackers, will be announced on July 30th.

Step 6

In case you don't make it as a finalist but an investor is interested in your startup, we will make an introduction with that investor. At this event, you can always be a winner.

Step 7

If you're a finalist, we'll start scheduling your one-on-one sessions, to make sure that you're ready for the big stage.

Step 8

The grand finale will be on August, 30th and will be live streamed on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook.


Pitch competition applicant - CreateStartupsHere

Applying to a pitch competition, rarely gives any guarantee that you'll receive anything from it. We'd like to be different in that regard and offer the following:


€400 per team

  • *Growth hacking worksheet - to help improve your marketing and sales
  • *Prototyping worksheet and session - helping to consistently improve your prototype with a one-on-one session and worksheet
  • *Pitch deck review - a checklist to help improve your pitch deck
  • *Investor readiness session - a one-on-one session to get your startup ready to raise funds
  • *Organizational canvas - a canvas that can help your organization get clarity on the people and the culture of your business
  • *White paper on how to hire your first team members and how to best avoid risks

It is THAT special

Since the entire event will be held online, including the grand finale, everyone gets the opportunity to get in front of investors. The entire event will be streamed through Facebook, Youtube and even LinkedIn, the pre-selection lead up and finale. Your startup will literally be placed in front of thousands of people, our network of investors, accelerators and others that can add value to your startup.

The Grand Finale Is On August 30th 2019

The grand finale will be live streamed through LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook. Will you be ready to take the stage?


Pitch competition finalist - CreateStartupsHere

For selecting the finalists, we've got three main criteria that we look for:

popularity votes from the audience, scalability of the startup, profitability and revenue options



  • *Growth hacking worksheet
  • *3 One-on-one growth hacking sessions for business growth
  • *Prototyping worksheet
  • *Pitch deck review
  • *One-on-one investor readiness session
  • *One-on-one investment strategy session (including introduction to investors)
Pitch competition loser - CreateStartupsHere

No need to stress

There's a prize for everyone

If you haven't been selected as finalist, you will still get a prize from us. This will be on top of everything that you've already received as a applicant. The details of this will be sent to you when the finalists are announced.

We're here to help

Want to partner with us?

In case you'd like to partner with us our advertise your services through us, please let us know. By sending a message to our contact page, with the subject "Pitch partner option".