What is your dream?

We all have dreams, we all get visions but only very few get up to make it happen. Here's what our team can help your startup with.


This is at the very beginning of your journey, we can help you to validate your idea. Click icon for a free intake.


So let's say you've already setup the business, let's help you measure it and improve or grow it further. Click icon for a free intake


This is what your passion revolves around, the solution that you are offering for a problem. Let's make sure you get it right. Click icon for a free intake.

Your market/growth

Without knowing your market, you're nowhere and without sales, your startup is dead. Let's avoid that grim scenario and grow your startup. Click icon for a free intake.


Is your startup looking for additional funding. We might be able to help connect you with our network of investors. Press the icon to schedule a free intake consultation.

Additional funding

Does your startup need some additional funding or need help getting funding? We can assist you to get ready for this task. For more information, simply request a intake session and we can take it from there.

Here's the how

There are two main ways how we help our fellow ambitious entrepreneurs. Here's the scoop:


Sometimes you just need a bit of advise to get you into the right direction. Especially for you, we'll setup an advisory course that is tailored to your startup.


Team extension

What if you don't have the extra hands to get things going, we'll lend a hand through a structured approach, tailored to meet your needs.


Not a startup? No problem

Here is to whom our services can also be useful for.


We have a special offering for investors, to assist them in investing in promising innovative startups.


Accelerators help startups to grow but whose helping them? Our team!