Why bother pitching?

Are you familiar with a pitch competition? If you’re part of a startup, then you might be familiar with a pitch competition. In most cases, a pitch competition offers startups the opportunity to showcase their business and win a prize. Usually, there’s either one winner or only the finalists get some prizes but what about the rest? The others that didn’t make it that far but also have dreams of becoming a great success with their startup? With that in mind, I’d like to introduce a brand new version of a pitch competition.


The reason for us setting up a different version of a pitch competition was simple, adding more value to startups that are serious about chasing their dreams. We all know about that famous statline: “More than 90% of startups fail within the first 5 years“.
We’re looking at it from this end: what if we could provide the right opportunities, to decrease that number by simply changing the norm? Check the overview of the event and discuss it with your team.

The Goodies

One of the biggest differences between us and other pitch competitions, is that we’ll offer you assistance, whether you make it to the final round or not. Our main goal is to offer opportunity and assistance to all applicants. Rather than continue to rant on about what’s wrong in the startup world, here’s what we do to even out things for startups:

  • Low bar; for a low service fee, we’ll offer expertise and tools for startups to develop strategically.
  • Investment; startups aren’t necessarily known for having too big of a budget. For this reason, we are also providing assistance to prepare all applicants to go for a funding round.
  • Growth; What is one of the first things that investors ask? Do you have any traction? All applicants that, at least, have a prototype, will be given the opportunity to gain early adopters/users.
  • Exposure; Throughout our marketing campaigns, we’ll bring the applicants in the spotlight.
  • Funding; Startups that are looking for funding will be able to appeal to the investors within our network on a regular basis.

More Information

Throughout the years, we’ve been working together with some truly interesting organizations. Through this event, everyone will come together, to help startups reach their dreams of success. By signing up, you’ll receive various discounts from our partners along with the “goodies” that have been mentioned above already. In case you’d like to partner with us on this event as investor or other kind of partner, simply send us an email with the subject “Pitch Partner” and we can discuss this in more detail.
If you’d like to know more about the pitch event, please check this link.

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